The rain last night may have been brief, but it was fairly heavy. A friend of mine got a third of an inch of rain in about 15 minutes, so it was coming down.

raingardenWe live in a river town, and so when rain falls like that it sweeps off of our roofs, driveways and lawns right into the river.  Such a short trip doesn’t allow for any filtering so the oil from the driveway and pesticides on the lawn are very quickly sleeping with the fishes.  Not good for the fishes really.  But there is something you can do, it is fairly easy, fun and quite attractive.

You can make a raingarden.  No, it is not a place where you grow more rain.  A raingarden is simply a garden which is designed to hold and filter water.  Generally raingardens are planted with native plants which like wet soil and are strategically placed to catch storm water runoff, such as putting them in front of the downspouts from your gutters.

The DNR has a fabulous site loaded with links to all the information you need to learn about, plan and build a raingarden.   They even have a few links for raingardens around the state.  Sure would be nice to see Wausau on this list soon.


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