Dino has this burr under his saddle today: 

Where are the voices I think to myself? Then I think about a quote from the essay "Why Bother?" by Johnathon Franzen in his book How To Be Alone…the quote is , "There is nothing sexier than a reader".

I could not say it better. I had a talk tonight with Bill about Passive entertainment in 2006. And the thing is I realized that writing, its in a vaccum. Only your friends really know what is going on. Your not aperformer.

Even when Hemingway did his drunk years in France, he went home to write. In a notebook. Then one day it went to an editor. There are no real stories in the biographies about any of the writers that I love about them publishing their writing as serials. That really did not become a THING until Capote did it with his True Crime book In Cold Blood.

I know for a fact that Dan on this page is a professional writer. I mean he has a job, but ultimately I think the guy buys more grocieries from his writing for the City Pages and a ton of other publications. What a hard life that must be. To write something, and immediately turn it around for publication. To give it away. I think that must be why there are great stories of drunk newspapermen, grizzled old dudes, cranking out copy. Jaded. Not even caring about ther writing anymore, or maybe that is the only thing that ultimately that they cared about.

I got an letter a few days ago from a person I know who is a writer. A big time, big city writer. She chucked her newspaper writer gig, and is now out there in the hinterlands, writing. Hoping like hell that the writing is enough, that the process leads her somewhere.

She is someone who I have respected for a long time. The stones that it takes to turn your back on a Gannett career column is amazing to me. For the most part I never understood the newspaper writing gig, it seemed so FAST to me. She told me that there is nothing cooler than writing a sentence one day and seeing it in print the next day. In a newspaper going to a million people. How is that for intoxicating?

For me it has been differant. Very little of my writing ever did the turn around that fast. The essays I suppose that I work on now do, but not even in a fast way. They tend to go to journals, monthly places. Or other writers use the material as source material. To be frank, that is more satisfying I think. That a writer of note, someone I respect comes to me for source material on the issues that I care most about. Is that a grown up thing? Is it possible to envy yourself?

Well that sort of gets me here. I talked to a friend about the 1200 hits, and the 15 comments. I don't know that I care so much about the comments. I care about the readers. How amazing is it that I can type these words here, and the Boss can choose or not choose to publish them, and then tomorrow there out there. For 1200 people to see. Its like newspaper style pressure I suppose, but its not. I don't have to tell you anything I don't think. Is there a story here? What is in this narrative?

I don't wish for more comments. I wish for more posts from the people that the Boss has signed up. I mean, this cat Marcus whose name is on the side…that guy has an amazing perspective on the world. We once rode in a car for about 20 hours in two days, and honestly I never once was bored. His vision of the world is fascinating to me. There are things he and I talk about, that I simply do not understand.

For example, tonight I actually pulled my car over to the side of the road to talk about THE DAVINCI CODE with him. I like his vision of faith. He is able to vocalize it better than I am. So we sat and talked for about 30 minutes. I was in the Furniture and Appliance Mart parking lot. He reminded me that I had forgotten a pretty big part of Christianity. And honestly, as I have grown up, its a part of Christianity that I am pretty sure I am not comfortable believing. You know?

So, dear reader, lets keep spreading the word. I think the posters are going to keep posting. The words and ideas will be here for a long time. I don't think this is going to go anywhere but up. It would be great if you would be interested in posting, the more voices make this process better. It would be great if you comment, but so it goes. Just keep looking. Just keep reading.

For me, I went to the eye doctor today. Actually the eye surgeon. I am going to be having surgery on my right eye soon. Its an amazing surgery. They numb your eye, then they take a tool and SCRAPE the cells off the top. They SCRAPE on your eyeball. Then a laser polishes it. Scraping and lasers. This is a fun summer coming up.


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  1. Scraping and lasers do NOT sound fun to me!!!! LOL

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