What are YOU Reading?

A few posts back, Dino dared us all to read. Now, I am not one who needs to be dared to read, in fact whenever me and my family show up at the checkout desk at the library, the librarians almost always ring the little doorbell for more help.

In his post Dino recommended the website “What Should I Read Next?” which is a wonderful high-tech way to get a pointer in the right direction. However, I am much more the retrogrouch type, and I have my own low-tech system. I go to the library and circle around the new book shelf on the second floor. Pretty much my whole system.

The new book shelf is like the library in miniature and all brand spanking new. And free too! Well, OK, actually “already paid for” to get quite technical, but still, check out all the books you want and no cash changes hands at the desk, pretty sweet.

As wonderful as all that is, I always want something more. Sure, I can check out any book that is there and I can check out as many as I would like, but I still have limits on my time, so I would like to get a sense of what books are worth reading. I have always wished for a bulletin board of some kind where YOU could tell me what you thought of the book you just finished.

Once in a while I have tried the low-tech method and wrote a recommendation for a particularly nice book and slipped it into the pages. Simple and subversive, I like that and encourage that kind of practice strongly. But this is the 21st Century and slipping paper into a book is soooo yesterday. So I have tried to remedy that.

I have set up a forum, Wausau Reads. You can head on over there and drop in a few comments or a full review of whatever the latest book to tickle your fancy might have been. Or maybe you want to warn the rest of us about the stinker that you put down after the first chapter. Either way, it’s all good information.

Now, I can’t enforce the “Library Only” rule that I would like to have. But it would be nice if included things that are available in the library so that books you recommend are easily available to the rest of us. If you were really nice, you could post the URL of the library catalog listing of the book so folks could find it quickly and even put it on reserve without even going to the library. Pretty high-tech, this library of ours. (It is not germane to the main post, but this is cool, there is a 24/365 service where you can ask a librarian — a real live person! — any reference type question. Wow! Back to the main entry, already in progress.)

The forum is pretty minimal at the moment, of course. It has three main categories, Fiction, Non-Fiction and Audio/Visual and some forums under each category. If a lot of people use this tool, perhaps the number of forums will grow.

This forum/bulletin board thing seems geared to an even younger audience than blogging, so there is much that I do not “get” about the way this other system is set up, but don’t let that deter you from telling all of us about your favorite book of the week. Or month. Or even day.


2 responses to “What are YOU Reading?

  1. Wausau Reads forum is a great idea. The library has a tremendous selection of books, DVDs, etc. If there is something you want that they don’t have, they’ll try to get it from another library — “already paid for”.

  2. Every year the library puts out an annual report and generally there is about a million or so checkouts, which sounds like an awful lot until you consider that the county has 120,000 people or so. That means an average person checks out about 10 books per year! Even if you say an average family has 3 people in it, that is still only 30 things per family per year. Seems pretty low to me, considering that at any given time my card has a hundred or so items on it (I put my whole familiy's stuff on one card to kep track of it better.)

    Seems to me like there is a whole lot more reading that could be done!

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