Wearing a Hat Backwards

Dino came back from the Northwoods with this to say:

So I have spent a few days in the woods. No phone, no laptop, just a book. A bad book, because I forgot to bring along the book I wanted to read, but I read. I really just read for a long time this weekend. It was great. To sleep with the dog at night, and read during the day. It was like 100 below zero though, actual whitecaps on the lake, I think I saw a guy from Woodruff body boarding on Squirrel Lake.

Wausau DepotWausau is a great town. It really is. The other day I took public transit from my home in Weston to my work on the west side of town. Man the bus is cool. I sat there quietly not really worried about anything. The lady next to me asked me if I was new to the bus. She said she had never seen me on the bus before.

I said I was, and that I was just trying it out to see if it can work for me. I thought it might.

She said she was happy for me. One more car off the road is a good thing she said.

I thought about that all weekend in the woods. I thought about how my car off the road is a good thing. How I pound back the empire a little bit with my act of dissention. My act of conservation is a ripple. A small one, but one none the less.

I celebrate all the hybrids on the road today. I think I see 50 a day in Wausau. My friend Buckets was the first person I knew that got one, like 7 years ago. I don't recall which one it was, but it was that teardrop shape one.

He is an engineer. Figures he would adopt a great technology like that. He has since sold it, and bought a Prius. Loves it. And he and his wife are not of the left wing persuasion, but he made a choice. He evaluated his life, and decided to throw his hat in the lot with those willing to do something, willing to do anything.

Do any of us no which choice or idea is the right one? Be it Google mail versus Yahoo mail, or a Ford Ranger versus a Toyota truck thing? Is there any right choice?

Aside from the obvious ones, the fact that the Hummer wastes fuel, that smoking causes cancer, and decisions based on race or sexual preferance are just idiotic. Or that the iPod as simply won the mp3 player wars, and until we get another wave of massive change in the cultural landscape, iPod won.

I wanted to throw a few words of encouragement out there…it appears that my old friend Eric has joined the local weekly paper as a graphic designer. Way to go to both parties. I bet its a good fit.

I wanted to wish my friend Gary from Studio 519 a happy birthday. Sorry I could not make it mate, I was reading a book in a chair in the woods.

Big ups to Kinzie Green for the concerts.

How amazing is this stuff?

Its a time to engage our town. To speak on the steps of city hall about this or that. What is the issue of the day? Mayor Tipple's absence from public life and a lack of public debate on the issues? Or is it about the flurry of rumors that flew when two girls got into a fight over a boy at DC Everest? Or is it about the Wellness Center that has opened on Grand Avenue? Or what about Downtown Grocery, anyone stop down there and offer to help?

Its an amazing place, and getting your car off the road matters.


4 responses to “Wearing a Hat Backwards

  1. I am hoping, with the VAST amount of driving required for my job, that I will be able to afford a hybrid soon!!!!!

  2. Well, I am going to put in my retrogrouch 2 cents here. πŸ™‚ Hybirds are a wonderful thing, but have some serious downsides as well. I personally would also consider something like a Volkswagen diesel. Gets about the same gas (ok, fuel) mileage, but your local garage can fix it and you can use old french fry oil in the thing. πŸ™‚

    A couple of random biodiesel links here and here. πŸ™‚  Oh yeah, you can even buy the stuff here in Wisconsin.  In Shawano even!

  3. Oh Bill!!! You are right. I would love to get a diesel and then do the whole bio-diesel thing. That is a VERY good idea. And you are right, there are downsides to hybrids. . . but with the 1,000 PER WEEK that I have to put on (and yes, my job really requires all that driving–I’d take the bus if I could) I think just about ANYTHING that reduces my dent in fuel and such would be better than what I am driving now (32 mpg neon). πŸ˜‰

  4. Here's a list of the best and worst mileage cars according to the EPA. The hybrids are a bit better than the diesels, alot better if you do all city driving. Oh wait, this is even cooler you can compare cars side by side. Actually when I compared the diesel Jetta to the Prius, the "sticker" numbers were pretty different, but it also has "real driver" numbers and although the Prius is still a bit better, the numbers are pretty darn close. Toyota makes a heck of a car, but a diesel VW is going to be easier to fix. Still maybe a toss up. πŸ™‚

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