Batting A Thousand

Or actually, I guess I should say "hitting a thousand." A thousand reads of the Wausaublog in it's short little lifetime is not bad and I thank all of you very much. Especially to the contributors and those who have taken the time to comment on the posts.

I think there is still very much to come here, and I look forward to see what grows and develops. Spring and summer are a perfect time for that.

Actually, has made it a bit easier for those of you who are lurking in the shadows. 🙂 You can now get a WordPress user name without actually getting your own blog. This makes it easier to leave comments here and you don't have to feel bad about leaving an empty blog somewhere.

I hope that you will keep coming back here to see what is new. We will have new contributors, I promise. I keep asking busy people if they want to contribute, so it takes a while to get them rolling, but the reason they are busy is that they always come through in the end. I do hope that you will join in as well, every post has a comment link and you don't have to sign up to comment. The more the merrier!

Don't forget to hit the Famers' Market today!


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