WiFi and Danish in Minneapolis

Dino rambled in with this to say:

So we all know I am an Apple guy. So lets just assume all the snobbery that goes with this. Its a given.

This past week has been a ton of time in the truck. The midwest highways have welcomed me. The cities have welcomed me. Coffee has warmed me, and Red Bull has seen its way straight into my cranium. I never thought that stuff worked, but it really does. I had denied that for too long.

So tonight I am in Minneapolis. Were all sitting around in some 24 hour diner. A few Scott Holt Bandpeople are typing, and I just pulled out the laptop to get some music into a friends iPod. The accepting of the Black Flag virus, amazing why a musician would want that. So primitive, so raw.

Regardless. I was talking to Mike Cannon earlier today. We were talking about the government and the desire for the NSA to get a hold of what appears to be every phone record that has ever occured. I was shocked at my thoughts on the issue, being honest.

Is it a surprise that AT&T gave it up? I mean every moron in their call center could probably hack in and get a hold of all of it anyway.

But the bigger issue is this…who is surprised that this happens? We have maintained this insane belief that the NSA would not take our information. Man if Yahoo is going to track our searches, then you have to believe that the NSA would have the ability to do it. They do not exist behind some voluntary firewall do they? No, there the Friggin NSA. They SPY FOR A LIVING. Its there job to know everything.

I gave up the illusion a while ago that I was not being datamined. I believe in the new technology.

Regardless. I sit here and use a nameless WiFi spot here in Minneapolis. I asked the waitress if it was the restaraunts, and she was tech savvy and said it was not. But she thought it was in the building next door. Which is an apartment building. So thanks to that guy or girl who lets me get a hold of my email and podcasts for the ride home.

This brings me to Wausau. It really does. It only took about three cups of coffee and a ton of laughing at my shoes, to get here. See I slipped off a shoe, and the waitress accidently kicked it. So I was traipsing all over hell searching for my shoe.

So where are the hotspots, free ones in Wausau? My building is one. I know that I give that bandwidth up. Its not like I pay more. And honestly the Apple gear is not that powerful really. So it does not go far. I am considering a linsys change.

Gelato cafe. Cool dudes. I prefer getting my coffee from guys with tattoos. Rather than the older ladies at the Starbucks window. I feel more akin to the dudes are Gelato.

Jeannies. It freaks me out a bit to use it there. The old men, the fashion, the knick nacks. Sort of creepy.

The second floor of Washington Square. I think it is coming from one of the apartments in the building, so thanks.

Now we are seeing the discussion of WiMaxx technology in the Dudley building, and a WiFi spot in the Paladin project. An amazing embrace of modern technology by these local leaders in business. Sort of unexpected, but you know that are surrounded by good people, so someone told them.

On a totally random note I ordered a custom pen from Pat Peckham this past week. How amazing is the thing that can last our lifetime? The handed down set of carving knives, the Bible we get from our Grandma…whatever.

Fathers give to Sons. And it consistently brings a tear to my eye.

I have lost the thread of this completely.

Today I went to Hymies records in Minneapolis. Auralee the owner, is a Wausau girl. Class of 89 at Everest. A creative soul. Much love to her.

Now I drive home to Wausau. Tomorrow night, Fremont.


One response to “WiFi and Danish in Minneapolis

  1. I don't usually comment on a contributor's piece, and not usually on a national rather than a local issue. But I have to say that it is not the goodness of their hearts or some policy decision that keeps the NSA (or any other government agency) from spying on us — it is the Constitution! It is not the NSA's job to spy on US, it is the NSA's job to spy on THEM (whoever they are). But Dino is right to tie this to Yahoo and AT&T.

    Datamining is a very slippery slope. First we "voluntarily" give up some freedom and information to the giant corporations so they can give us better "service." (That is to say they can cram even more advertising down our necks) And then we should not be surprised when they sell that information to the highest bidder. And the highest bidder this week was our own government.

    Big Brother is watching. And Yahoo and AT&T are helping out.

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