Renew Wisconsin

You don’t have to look around to hard to wonder if the end of cheap fossil fuels is coming to an end. If stopping at the pump and your winter natural gas bills didn’t convince you, then just wait. Those prices will just keep going up.

The best argument I have seen in a while for “green” energy sources is pretty simple. Fossile fuels are more useful as chemicals than energy. Whether we like it or not the “green revolution” was pretty much due to fertilizers made from oil and pesticides based on natural gas. So we can keep burning those things or we can eat.

Here in Wisconsin there is an organization working for greater conservation measures and green energy sources: RENEW Wisconsin. According to their website, they are

A network of clean energy businesses, educators, utility mangers, builders, farmers, state agency officials, environmental advocates, and concerned citizens.

Their “selected” list of business member includes both large and small businesses, and the Midwest Renewable Energy Association, so it looks as though they have good support across the board.

RENEW Wisconsin has some wonderful resources on their website, but perhaps the most useful thing is their blog. It is chock full of energy news from around the state. It is well worth putting on your morning reading list.


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