Calling All Chowhounds

I was introduced to the idea of a "chowhound" by Calvin Trillan. Basically, as I understand it anyway, a chowhound is sort of an everyman gourmet, someone who knows great food and knows where to get it, but is not necessarily interested in the latest frou-frou uber-yupster restaurant.

A chowhound is much more street level. A chowhound is more likely to know which Asian market has the best spring-rolls and which days of the week to get them so they are prepared by the right person. A chowhound is local and organic and ethnic. Bring on the chowhounds!

Brat and Sauerkraut -- Yum!!So, if you consider yourself a budding chowhound, I need your help. I was munching on some locally made brats the other night and wondered where the best locally made brats might be found. I have a few sources that I like, but I won't prejudice the input.

If you know of a place that makes brats locally, be it a meat market or supermarket, drop your recommendation in the comment box. Later we will whip up a poll with the results of this digging and figure out the "best" local brats.

Happy eating!


One response to “Calling All Chowhounds

  1. Two words: “Townline Market.” Anything else just pales in comparison. One helpful hint; these brats are a little on the lean side, so you need to precook them in beer and onions, otherwise they’ll shrivel up to nothingness on the grill.

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