Not Too Proud to Beg

I have two little requests for our little community here.

First, the Bossman went out of town and will be back Wednesday night. It would be great if we could reach 600 hits by then. Maybe even 750! So after you look around, fire off an email to a friend and ask them to stop by, the more the merrier!

Camera PicSecond, is in the spirit of reduce, reuse and recycle. Being a retrogrouch, I only have access to film (you know that brown ribbony kind of stuff that comes in the dark cans for taking pictures…) cameras, but I would like to modernize so I can post more pictures here. If anyone has upgraded their digital camera lately and would like to sell their old one, that would be great. I am just looking for a point and shoot kind of thing with a real zoom lens and about 3 to 4 megapixel resolution. If you have something like that lying around, give me a holler at



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