Keep on Growing

Spring is definitely here in Central Wisconsin and things are growing. The same is definitely true of the Wausaublog. Thanks to everyone who has checked in to see what is developing and special thanks to those of you who have added your voice to the page.

There are several more contributors who are in the process of coming on board, and I hope that we will see their work soon. As more contributors come on, things might get a bit busy on the front page, so I will be making a small change.

WordPress allows articles to be "split." Basically what that means is the first paragraph or two will appear on the "front page" and then if you want to continue reading that article, you will need to click on a "continue" type link. Personally, I hate "continue" links because you then have to work back and forth. However, splitting articles will allow you to scan the most recent posts more quickly and give more exposure to our contributors.

One way to deal with multiple links quickly and efficiently is to replace your browser, if you haven't already. The Firefox browser has a tabbed browsing interface so you can stay on the main page and open the articles you want to read in tabs in the background. Firefox is safer than IE, has a great pop-up blocker, loads pages faster and can update itself automatically. It is highly recommended and you can get it here.

But whatever browser you choose to use, I hope you will keep checking back to the Wausaublog often as we grow through the spring.


4 responses to “Keep on Growing

  1. Yee ha

    Here we come!!!

  2. And you dont even have FIREFOX!!!

  3. I do too have Firefox. I just keep on using Mozilla. When Firefox gets the "Oh Canada!" theme, I'll switch totally. 🙂 Plus, Mozilla is no more, so I can't recommend that now.

  4. Firefox is the only browser anyone should use. It has ports for PC (yuck!), Mac and even Linux, so nobody has any excuse to not use it.

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