Something that is very Wausau and needs to said

Dan the Man has this on his mind about the local music scene:

This needs to be said and I am the one to say it, which is good for all of you and could be less than good for me. It is about the local music scene and the direction it is not taking, but should. I hate to go all Dino on you but I feel that the subject matter necessitates it.

As anyone who is involved in the bar or music scene knows, the flavor of the last three years of local music has been death metal. Now, this is good music to some, but for the rest of us it is just not what needs to be heard all the time. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do like some metal and a lot of the local musicians are good people and likable, but give our ears a rest for a little while and let’s get some promoters up here to give us some variety. Scott Street was a place to go for an alternative to metal for a long time and now they, in their last days, are featuring metal bands. As we on internet say, WTF!!!

I want Jazz more than a couple of times a year. I want some hip swing acts to come through here and give me a reason to get all gussied up and take my lady friend out dancing. I would like to see hip hop up here as well.

Why won’t anyone help me out on this matter? Metal is fine, but it is far from relaxing. Intricate hard rock and the more industrial themed rock styles are good to, but there isn’t enough of that in Wausau either.

I have said publicly in the past, and loudly, that if I had the money, I would do it myself. I have contacts at enough labels to bring up some impressive acts, but I lack the capital to bring this idea into fruition. I am not looking for investors, as I really don’t want THAT BIG of a headache, but I would do it just to show the people of our fair town a thing or two about what can happen as far as turn out if one was to try.

If a big non-metal show was to be planned here, marketed well, and was executed professionally, the draw could be from miles around. Focus your campaign on the areas that do not have big venues and are not too near a big city and stick two grand into radio and print ads, fliers and hit up the schools with advertising as well. Get one name and couple of openers with a bit of merit and I would bet it would a great show.

A quote I got from Dino for one of my articles which fits here and is also the main problem with this and most likely the ‘why’ behind the lack of anyone stepping up to the plate: “The real money is in the long term.” You have to make a name for yourself or use some one with an established name as the figure head.

We have good bands here, that is a good thing. We have a strong scene because of the fan support, but the same people are at every show and that is not a good thing. The reason that no bands get signed out of here is that no labels come up here because in order to make a name for your area, you must first create a buzz and that can not happen in a vacuum.

There are some new venues opening up and they may or may not work out and what happens with them will effect the decisions of the next generation of venue owners, so I hope that the support is there for the sake of my ears and everyone else who feels the way I do.

With the support here, now is the time (actually two years ago was the time but now is all we have) to try and make our town a destination and not the head-banger’s paradise it is. More people with green need to ball up and get the bands here, and then this could more than the one trick pony music scene that it is.


One response to “Something that is very Wausau and needs to said

  1. Too bad RockWater wasn’t still around, huh Dan?

    They presented Jazz, Pop, Rock, Ska – event had some Emo and Electronica once in a while. The city promised to relocate them, but I happen to know that RockWater never got a penny of the relocation money they deserved.

    Face it – Political Wausau has never shown much interest in developing a scene. It’s just about parking, retail and office space.

    PS – anyone else noticing the amount of empty office space downtown? One business leaves to upgrade to new digs, while another office lies dormant.

    Freaking Brilliant.

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