Shared Memories are History

First, I would like to thank everyone who has participated here, writing, commenting and reading. I have always believed that when people work together great things can happen, and I see the beginning of great things happening here. Thank you all very much.

I wanted to take the opportunity to elevate a comment that was left by Karen Ludholz here to the front page, hopefully as encouragement to her and everyone else out there. Here is what Karen had to say:

Being positively ancient too, I have to say there must be alot of us out there with memories of Older Wausau that might interest young ones. I remember seeing documents, as a teen, about John Dubay (i.e. Lake Dubay), an ancient relative of mine, that related to his murder trial when he defended his territory from a person who dared to build a sawmill on his land. He was reported to be colorful in respect to the reporting that he once rode a horse into a court room and threw down a fine he owed. We olders also remember events as being taken as a child by my teacher to watch the old courthouse being torn down. It was sad at the time as the court house was a place of many kiddy parade judgings that we poor kids took part in.  There could be a wealth of rememberings out there.

There certainly are a "wealth of rememberings" out there and whether you consider yourself ancient or not, I encourage you to take a moment to record and save those memories. Memories that are not shared vanish with the person they are in. Memories that are shared become our history, and even sometimes our mythology.

So, take a moment to share your memories. Share with your family, your friends and yes, with strangers. The history museum or library might be interested in your family photos, documents or artifacts, it never hurts to ask. Set up a video camera and have a discussion with your grandmother or your strange Uncle Pete about what it was like when they were a kid. Take pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and write down your story. Even if you are not ancient now, hopefully you will be one day.

Like, Christine, I give you a challenge. Turn your memories into history, history others can share and add to their memories. And if would like to share those memories with the wider community, this would be a wonderful place to do that. Leave a comment or email me at History and memories are one of the things I hope we will find here as a community.


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