Get Human!

This is not exactly Wausau specific, but it is too good to pass up.

So, you made a mistake and got yourself involved with one of those giant corporations and now you have to call their toll-free number to correct some problem. Of course you dread this, pawing through a thousand voice prompts hoping to hear a real human voice. Well here is some help.

Get Human is a database, compiled by volunteers, that tells what to press, punch or say on various company's phonelines to get to talk to a human being! Wow, what a great idea.

If you have similar information for Wisconsin or Wausau based companies, throw them in the comment box!


8 responses to “Get Human!

  1. This is one of many reasons why corporate America loves their voicemail systems. It cuts costs. Keeps people distant and impersonable.

    That way, corporate execs can sleep at night once the layoff notices are sent.

    Wausau Benefits

  2. I was talking to Sprint computer voices for a long time one day and I got fed up and at the next propt I said, “I would like to talk to a human.” After a brief pause, the computer said, in a particularly upbeat way, “O.K.!” and to my surprise, it rang to a customer service rep!

    Not Wausau based, but damn was it funny!

  3. I almost had a similar experience with Verizon. Their computer “voice” on their technical support line was a particularly smarmy sounding female voice that had been programmed to sound WAY too casual. You were supposed to talk to “her” to get your call routed to the right place. Well the system didn’t work right and “she” wasn’t getting me anywhere I wanted to go so, when she said “Now, tell me briefly what the problem is….”

    I replied “Human being! I want to talk to a real live human being. Human!” Her reply was, of course, “I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you are saying.”


  4. Ha. I can’t bear it when calling information for some odd named local town and that “chick” says, “Excuse me, what was that?”, you repeat and she says the same thing again and then quickly adds, “I’ll connect you to an operator”. Gee, thanks..that’s what I wanted in the first freakin’ place.

  5. I think Cellular One laid off a ton of people once here in Wausau. To go along with Marcus’s comment

  6. is it ok if i post here?

  7. Unless you are a spambot, I don’t see why not :).

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