It has always bothered me that many people do not know very much about their own hometowns. People who declare that their town is boring and that there is absolutely nothing to do.. and that the best restaurant in town serves fast food. These people have never taken the time to actually explore their community beyond their front porch. Everytown has its history, quirks and traditions that set it apart from the community up the road.

My challenge to you is to explore your hometown this year. Make it a goal to find 10 new things in your community- and then go and explore! I am making my list. Be sure to tell us where you go!

I have also decided to plan one of our summer family trips in a new way this year. I am going to pin a map of WI to the wall, throw a dart and create a vacation based on where it lands. It's the same method Michael Feldman uses on his town of the week segment on "Whad'ya Know?"

Now go make your list!


Dart for a map


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  1. as-94783-sa

    Nice blog.. I ll come back :]

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