Your Daily Democracy

When the Bossman and I started kicking around the idea of the Wausaublog one of the visions I had was of a small "d" democracy in action. That is to say that I envisioned this as a small place where people power would show through. And I think we have the beginnings of that here.

To help further that little goal, I have to challenges to the readers of the Wausaublog to exercise their people power. One is somewhat serious and one is a little bit silly, but I hope that you might take a moment and consider both of them.

When I was recruiting Christine as a contributor she informed me that blogs were "so yesterday" that it was wikis that are the "in" thing. Just might be true. The most famous wiki is the Wikipedia. The Wikipedia is a democratic exercise where anyone (well, almost) can write and edit entries in an encyclopedia.

If you put "Wausau Wisconsin" into the search bar on the main page, you get this very nice entry on our fair city. It hits many of the highlights of the area, and is a pretty good summary of things. But, surely you will notice a thing or two that is missing. The entry can't include everything about Wausau. So here is my challenge to each of you. Find something that needs to be added to the Wikipedia entry — write it up and put it in! We could make the entry on Wausau on of the longest for any city in Wisconsin. Certainly there is more to say.

Also, you will notice a number of words that are red scattered throughout the piece. That indicates that there is a place for a link to another encyclopedia entry, but the entry does not exist yet. Why not pick a red link and write an entry for that? I noticed that there is a link, but no article for the City Pages. Certainly someone should expound on our forever free weekly.

Picture of the Poll

OK, if you are not up to the hard work of democracy, how about some easy work — voting. Having only lived here eight years, I am still confused about one thing.

What do people from Wausau call themselves? Here is a quick poll where you can voice your opinion. Just a note, the stuff in between the parentheses is an attempt at phonetic spelling to give you some idea of how each choice sounds.

So, get your votes in and send the poll along to all your Wausau email pals and let's make sure we have a name for ourselves. Then you can get cracking on the Wikipedia entry.


5 responses to “Your Daily Democracy

  1. Umm – for my, “other,” I would like to contribute “Wausuvian.” As in a Wausau civilian.

    my 2¢

  2. Damn! I wish I had thought of that!

  3. Is anyone in wausau aware of or preparing for the coming energy and economic crises ?

  4. What about grand ol’ Frank Lloyd Wright, we could be Wausonians in homage to Usonian. Or as they used to call the old Wausau East Yearbook “The Wauhiscan” = Wauhiscans.

  5. Good ideas 🙂 I also used Umonian (You-Moan-Ian) to describe suburbanism. The UM being “United Malls.” As in the the United Malls of America.

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