Read a Book, I Dare You!

Dino has this to say today:

So last Friday was apparently a shopping day for me. I had a ton of NON WORK things to do, some of which were going to lead me to recreational activities and NON WORK reading. Who knew?

So the focus was new sneakers, and some books. For me books are something you buy like you buy potatoes. By the pound. Me and David Lee Roth, as many books as you can get into your arms, and get out the door. Its like salami, get it in a giant bag, and get it home.

First stop, the uber giant box book store. I know, I know — the whole "buy local" thing. But I wanted a calendar for my wall at home, and they had what I was looking for. They also stock Moleskine. And for me, the Moleskine has become an obsession. Amazing notebooks, just perfect and so very versatile.

So I got out of there with minimal damage to the local economy. I knew full well I was going to make up for it in a few minutes, being a one man shot in the arm to the local booksellers.
Janke's Sign Stop one — Janke's. I needed to pick up some office documents, and they have what I was looking for. Plus I like that the lady behind the counter knows my name, and seems to know about all the times I have a new project going on. I love the downtown dweller vibe you get, even if it is a little too genteel for my tastes. Its a good book store. They carried my friend Aaron's book, so that is always a plus. He actually did his only book signing there, and that makes me happy just to think about it.

After that it was off to my favorite bookstore in the whole world — well aside from like 100 New York City bookstores — but if we don't count any in NYC, then it is my favorite… Et Al's bookstore. To be frank, Al's was an acquired taste. I have known Al socially for like ten years, and we did not always mesh. Our personalities were sometimes clashing. But now, Al and I are like Ranch Dressing and French Fries. I even sit in the chair now, and we just talk. About downtown, the new grocery store, McDevco and their work, the new Dudley Building, and whatever is swinging. Al is my downtown ambassador. Since I have left the downtown world, Al keeps me informed. I literally don't even look at the shelves at Al's anymore, I just ask Al for the number of books I want, and he gets me the good stuff. Way to go Al.

And Al is a Apple User.

Then the call of the day was coffee and sneakers. I bought some coffee at Jeannies. Sat down on the steps of the Big Bank Building, and sipped my coffee. Watching the world walk buy. Noticing that people here don't sit around downtown and talk. Its my goal for the summer, to have one cup of coffee downtown in a non designated sitting area. A stair case, a bench that is out of the normal place, whatever…. But I want to encourage a more coffee drinking friendly sitting around downtown world. Yeah those 400 block concerts are great, there is nothing like laying in the lawn, and listening to a jazz band, but what about day to day? I think we can enrich our lives by just talking. Sitting around writing in our journal, blogging on our Powerbook, doing all that stuff. If I could get a smoothie I might never leave downtown (I lament the lack of good fruit downtown).

So, coffee leads me to shoes. Shoes leads me to Dwellers. The fact is Jason grew up here. Left, and came back and opened a great shop, and now supports the local community. How great is that? A locally owned skateshop. A place that shows the kids there is a place for them. Thanks Jason.

So this whole post started off with an idea I had a long time ago. That reading books, in 2006 is an act of political conscience. I don't care what you read, the act of sitting down and shutting off your iPod or TV and Internet connection, and reading a book, that's rebellion. Education is rebellion. Living for 100 years and being mentally engaged in the world in whatever form, that's NOT what "the man" wants from you.

How many times does Larry the Cable guy have to come on and spew his semi-homophobic, racist, and illiterate stuff before we decide that we need to change? That the tools of connection can be used for good, for empowerment. One of my all time favorite and weekly website is: I have no idea how it works. But I type in a book that I just finished, and it tells me a few that might be fun next. How cool is that? Way to go Ajax.

Where are the smart people? It is with great pride that I look for the engaged in the world. I want to know book readers, journal writers, people that are engaged in there world — no matter what that world is. I want to know about it.
Read A Book. No one wants you to.


2 responses to “Read a Book, I Dare You!

  1. Thanks for that link, freemedia–it’s already given me some *very* interesting possibilities.

    I found this site through City Pages, love finding local blogging people. But….you don’t really believe that us old farts over forty don’t “get” blogging, do you?

    Looking forward to enjoying this site. 🙂

  2. I love the what should I read next link! It’s now in my favorites. I also love Janke book store. Most of my current selection of children’s books has been bought from their great clearance area in the basement!

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