Highway 51- It’s All About The Journey.. and a ribbon cutting!

This just in from Chris at the Convention & Visitors Bureau:

I couldn't resist posting information about my latest project "Highway 51." We have worked with 14 other communities to create a promotion for Highway 51 in Wisconsin that is similar in feel to Route 66. We are also working with the other states that it runs through (it runs from Hurley, WI to LaPlace, LA). You may have seen articles about it in the Wausau Daily Herald in the past few weeks.


We have created an official passport that can be stamped in each community, as well as a Journey Journal. We have a website in the works that will help plan your trip with a database of attractions, lodging, events, etc. It will also feature downloadable car games and eventually stories and music. My favorite feature will be the geocaching sites in each community. Check it out at www.explorehwy51.com.

Join us at the Ribbon Cutting on Monday May 15 at 9:30 for the ceremonies and celebration. At 10:00 AM all 15 communities will cut the ribbon across their section of Highway 51. We wil be at the 400 Block in Wausau with antique cars and give aways!

We have some great projects coming up so keep an eye out!


One response to “Highway 51- It’s All About The Journey.. and a ribbon cutting!

  1. Very cool and LOVE the idea of the passport!

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