Journey Out to See Sir Douglas

Here is an event that seems to have slipped underneath the radar a little bit. The Wausau Symphony is performing “The Journey of Sir Douglas Fir,” April 28 and 29 at the Grand Theater.

It is the story (originally written by Bill Barnes) of the worlds tallest wooden flagpole, set to music. Actually it is the story of what happens in the woods and how to cope with change. You can read all the background on the Symphony’s webpage. For a lot more information and a sneak peek at the book on which it is based, you can go to Douglas’s own website. Unfortunately the library does not have a copy of the book, so for now a sneak peek will have to do.

Sir Douglas Sneek Peak

Here is the ticket information straight from the Symphony’s website:

Performances of Sir Fir will be April 28th and 29th, 2006. There will be two special performances on Friday, April 28th, at 10 am and 1 pm, specifically geared for school children. Seats are $4 each, and must be reserved and paid for by March 27th, 2006 to guarantee availability. We will also be performing Sir Fir as a part of the Wausau Symphony and Band’s Saturday, April 29th “Celebrate with the Folks” concert. This performance will also feature a visit from the author, Ric Reitz! Children who attended the Friday’s performance can get in free Saturday night!

You can buy tickets online here. Or you can tool on down to Artsblock and talk to the friendly folks there in person.


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